Covid-19 Is The End Of The Road For Us? Here’s What Experts Think.

Covid-19 Is The End Of The Road For Us? Here's What Experts Think.

Following the WHO chief’s declaration that the closure of Covid-19 is on the horizon Doctors in the us admit, but they say the precautions must be maintained.

In the past two years, since it was declared an international crisis and a pandemic Covid-19 has been declared an international emergency and a pandemic. World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed confidence in the state of the highly-discriminated coronavirus. In a recent announcement that went into the news, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated, “We are not there yet. But the goal is not far away,” he said, noting that “Now is the best time to push more efficiently and ensure that we get there and reap the benefits of our efforts.”

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“The Closing Of Covid-19 Is Right Around An Hour Away, So Keep Making Sure You Are Taking Preventive Measures”

Dr. Namita Jaggi, Chairperson of Lab Services and Infection Control, and Chief of Education and Research, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram

A typical pandemic lasts approximately two to two and a half years. Already, we’ve had two years of coronavirus. The end is right close However, prior to reaching the end of the road, we must be extremely cautious during this journey and continue making sure to take precautions, especially when traveling in hospitals and in crowds it is essential not to lose our guard and continue to wear masks and adhere to physical and social distancing and wash our hands regularly. Although vaccination is now becoming universal throughout the world the types of vaccines are growing, which is why it’s crucial to continue to adhere to the steps to prevent. Masks also protect against other respiratory diseases, such as influenza, and it’s an ideal practice to wear a mask especially in airports and in enclosed spaces such as airplanes in which people are seated for an extended period of duration. If you contract the disease although it may be mild, it can cause issues for those who have co-morbidities. Thus it is better to prevent than cure. Try to keep yourself from being infected.

“There Are Herd Immunity To Covid-19 Up To A Certain Extent”

Dr. Behram Pardiwala, Director of Internal Medicines, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central

“The Covid-19 pandemic has now become an epidemic, resulting in that it has spread to the community and the attainment in herd immunity up to some level. My personal view is that just like the annual influenza shot we’ll need annually a vaccination against Covid-19.

We must be taking the appropriate steps to guard against Covid-19 particularly in dense areas and in crowded locations to avoid spreading. Also, one must be alert to variations and new strains emerging which is the reason why the vaccine must continue to change. To achieve this it is essential that the people who use it are aware of their actions.”

“Covid-19 Is No Longer An Infectious Disease That Is Rapidly Spreading”

Dr. Dipu T.S., Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, Amrita Hospital, Kochi

“From prior pandemics, we know that in two or three years the outbreak will become a significant challenge. It is evident that in our daily lives, it is almost back to the pre-pandemic era with the opening of schools, eateries, and public areas. In the majority of countries, restrictions are just for show. While the new numbers for Covid-19 cases provide us with the signal that it’s not being over. The truth is that it’s not an infectious disease that is sweeping across the globe. It is believed that the most dangerous variant. The Omicron variant has been present and the more prevalent variants are not as likely to cause an infectious variant that can travel through the world. The hybrid immunity that the majority of people have due to vaccination and prior infections is also a sign that we are nearing the start of the end of. Therefore it is the World Health Organization, rightly declared”The end of the world is near.”

“Witnessing The Smallest Amount Of Covid-Induced Heart-Related Complications”

Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar, Director Cathlab, and Interventional Cardiologist Symbiosis Hospital Mumbai

“As a cardiologist, have seen fewer instances of Covid-19 in my OPD and very few heart problems caused by Covid. Over the past six months. I’ve almost not met any patient suffering from a heart attack or complications caused by Covid. As WHO stated, the epidemic is now at its end. But we need to follow certain safety protocols to protect ourselves from any new viruses.”


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